Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is my first week back in Kenya after six months.  It is always a blessing for me to be at the Kinyago-Dandora Schools (KDS) where it is evident that God is at work.  At the secondary school we hosted a seminar for the teachers on lesson planning.  Sandra Putnam, a retired professor from Northwestern College (Roseville), lovingly gave of her time, expertise and experience to the entire teaching staff at KDS. 

During the seminar, I noticed a new teacher and soon realized it was Kelvin, one of our most recent college graduates.  Kelvin earned a degree in Statistics and Science from the University of Nairobi.  How exciting to see him back at KDS, not as a student this time, but now as part of our faculty.

Kelvin was beaming.  He is so proud to be giving back to the community.  This has been has been his dream from an early age and one he shared with his friend, Bernard Sewe, who passed away on Easter Sunday in 2003.  Bernard was leading a group of Boy Scouts on an excursion to Fourteen Falls.  He slipped and fell into the turbulent waters and drowned.  His last letter to his sponsor expressed the desire to go to college, return to the community and make a difference.  In honor of Bernard and in keeping with the mission of Kenya Children’s Fund, Kelvin is fulfilling their dream.  See more of Kelvin in our latest video on the KCF homepage: kenyachildrensfund.org

The Alumni Association is strong and our graduates are working hard to impact their impoverished community.  It is their desire, their vision and their calling from God.  What an amazing group of young men and women.  And what an amazing way to begin the New Year!  To God be the Glory!

For His Precious Little Ones,