Monday, June 11, 2012

Shaking the Dust off of our Feet!

In Mark 6 Jesus sends out his disciples with instructions to bring the Good News wherever the Holy Spirit led them. They were instructed to “shake the dust off their feet” wherever they were not received (6:11). Today we follow the Lord’s direction and are bringing the Gospel to the people of Kinyago-Dandora as our mission statement clearly states. So many of the people, including our KDS families, are struggling with real issues of acute poverty.

The photos are one family’s home – mother, father, and their three children who are enrolled in our primary school. We are helping this family and others living in deplorable conditions to find more suitable housing, and they are so very grateful to the Lord.. And shaking the dust off our feet? We do shake off the ashes of injustice and exploitation that keep so many bound. Even in such despairing conditions, the light of Jesus Christ shines brightly bringing hope to these people. Thank you for supporting us as we minister in His name.

For His Precious Ones,

Ginger, Jane, and Jennifer

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